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Judul ArtikelTahunNama JurnalURLNama Seluruh Author
Formation Evaluation and Contingent Storage Capacity Estimation for Carbon Capture Storage and Utilization: A Case Study from East Natuna2018Modern Applied Science Rorym Cherdasa, Ken Prabowo, Tutuka Ariadji, Benyamin Sapiie, Zuher Syihab
Potential Degradation of SARA (Saturated, Aromatics, Resinics, Asphaltenes) Fractions of Crude Oil by Reservoir Indigenous Bacteria from South Sumatera2018Microbiology IndonesiaDEA INDRIANI ASTUTI, ISTY ADHITYA PURWASENA, PINGKAN ADITIAWATI, INDIANI SANI, TUTUKA ARIADJI, MH ABQORY
Redefining EOR In Indonesia’s Oil & Gas Industry2018Indonesian Journal Of Energy Chandra, Sudjati Rachmat
Mathematical model to predict unsteady-state heat transfer mechanism and economic feasibility in nanoparticle-assisted electromagnetic heating stimulation technique for bituminous extra-heavy oil reservoir2018Journal of Petroleum Exploration and Production Technology Chandra, Hadi Winarto, Sudjati Rachmat
APPLICATION OF ARTIFICIAL NEURAL NETWORK TO IDENTIFY POTENTIAL ZONES FOR RE-PERFORATION: CASE STUDY OF X FIELD2018Jurnal Teknologi Minyak dan Gas Bumi, JTMGBAmega Yasutra, Dedy Irawan, Luthfan H.J., Fadhilah Metra, Danny Hidayat, Deoky Pandu Dewanto, and Albers Uzila
The Prediction of Three Key Properties on Coalbed Methane Reservoir Using Artificial Intelligence2017Modern Applied Science F Hadad, Sudjati Rachmat, Tutuka Ariadji, Kuntjoro A Sidarto
Implementation of Tikhonov Regularization in Oil Well Liquid Level Reading Data2017Modern Applied Science Irianto, Sudjati Rachmat, Leksono Mucharam, Sapto Wahyu Indratno
Optimization of Horizontal Well Direction and Length Considering Geomechanics Properties and Drainage Area Using Genetic Algorithm in A Gas Field2017Modern Applied Science Abdul Aziz, Tutuka Ariadji
Implementation of Region Based Covariance Localization Ensemble Karman Filter2017The Open Petroleum Engineering Journal Ambia, Tutuka Ariadji, Zuher Syihab, Agus Yodi Gunawan
Application of Line Pack Model of Gas Flow in Intermittent Gas Lift Injection Line2017Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, Silvya Dewi Rachmawati, Pudjo Sukarno, Edy Soewono
Esterifikasi Gliserol dan Asam Lemak Jenuh Sawit dengan Katalis Mesa2017Journal of Agroindustrial TechnologySri Wahyuni, Erliza Hambali, Bonar Tua Halomoan Marbun
A Comprehensive Comparison Study of Empirical Cutting Transport Models in Inclined and Horizontal Wells2017Journal of Engineering and Technological Sciences Mohammad Ishaq Shiddiq, Brian Christiantoro, Ildrem Syafrie, Bonar Tua Halomoan Marbun, Petra Wattimury, Hastowo Resesiyanto
The Implementation of Real Options Theory for Economic Evaluation in Oil and Gas Field Project: Case Studies in Indonesia2017International Journal of Applied Engineering Researchhttp://www.ripublication.comTutuka Ariadji, Prasandi Abdul Aziz, Ulfia Rahma Fitra, Nicholas Grion
CO2 and Methane Separation Using Finger Type Slug Catcher in Seabed2017Modern Applied Science Mucharam, Silvya Dewi Rachmawati, Ery Budiono
New Technique to Accelerate Gas Production on CBM Through Use of Sacrificial Well2017Modern Applied Science Mucharam, Silvya Dewi Rachmawati, Rafael Purba
Drag Reducer Selection for Oil Pipeline Based on Laboratory Experiment2017Modern Applied Science Mucharam, Silvya Dewi Rachmawati, Rizki Ramadhani